Album covers


Sub:Lvl Audio

Release artwork and flyer/print design for Sub:Lvl Audio, a Detroit-based electronic record label specializing bass-heavy genres.  I was asked to give their label and releases a modern facelift, and help them stand out amongst the sea of other labels.

Bold, bright, futuristic, easily recognizable designs was my method to achieve this.  Online music retailers give you a very small thumbnail preview when browsing for new music, so being able to scale to a small size and still be unique and legible was of utmost importance to help elevate their brand to new heights and increase brand recognition amongst potential customers.



EDK Records

Release artwork for the forthcoming imprint EDK Records, specializing in heavy EDM + Drum & Bass.  A brutal aesthetic was asked for to help match the visuals and mood of the label.

Skulls, decay, lots of rough textures and epic imagery were all called upon to achieve the requested look and feel of the EDK imprint.