Logos + Branding


Batch 13 Craft Brews

Branding and website design.  The concept behind this project is "a bar focusing on serving local craft beer and spirits".  Batch 13 aims to cut out the middleman and rebel against the monopoly created by big beverage and their distribution channels, by showcasing micro and nano breweries.  Batch 13 is the American dream in action; an ideal that heavily influenced branding direction in this spec exercise.


Website design and mockup



Northwest Wild Fish Rescue

Logo and website design for a non-profit dedicated to restoring wild salmon and steelhead population in the greater northwest.  Their work is important to sustain a healthy fish population in the area, and as an avid outdoors person I was more than happy to be able to help by revamping their logo and website to get more attention to their cause and help save more baby fishies!

Drawing inspiration from the colors of the northwest in the fall, the final badge design combines a no-nonsense, mature type treatment and a logo mark that combines a shield (representing the protective nature of the organization) and a salmon head, giving a direct connection to the essence of the organization and it's mission.



Fly Or Die

Logo and website design for a Pacific Northwest fly tying company.  Fly fishers are fanatical, and the hobby tends to lend itself to purists that draw a distinct line between fly fishing and the "gear chucking" method of fishing that uses lures and bait.

Meant to reflect the passion of the die-hards of the pastime, Fly or Die's branding is aimed to speak to the younger generation of anglers, and avoid using imagery borrowed from their Grandfather's tackle box.  Bold, flowing type was my method to achieve this desired mood for the brand.



Hard Rain Podcast

Logo design and branding for the Seattle-based podcast Hard Rain, hosted by 3 stand-up comedians.

Combining the iconic desk microphone with a raindrop was voted as the preferred direction by the client, giving a nod to both the content of the podcast and the Pacific Northwest's famous weather- giving quick insight to the voice of the podcast.

Ensuring scalability across all mediums of use was a very important part of the design process, as this logo was used in numerous ways, ranging from apparel, to small-scale print on buttons, as well as stickers, posters and even a hand-carved sign for the studio wall.  I was able to get my hands dirty producing shirts, which was my first time physically screen printing with plastisol ink.

Understanding the limitations of that process was valuable to add to my design checklist- small details being lost in the manufacturing process can be devastating!




A collection of assorted logos